Croquettes machine

Croquettes and meatballs machine


Croquettes and meatballs machine with all included system. Includes filling machine and internal air compressor system.

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Croquettes and meatballs machine

The free choice of the croquettes and meatballs machine size, the automatic egg and breadcrumbs dispenser and simple system of programming and starting up, does this machine, the essential allies of kitchens, grills, catering bussines, prepared meals commerce, charcuteries and butchers.

Digital Control System and units counter.

New built-in software system, which allows both unit control and machine assembly verification. Easy operation, intuitive and simple.

Change measure easily

You can program the exact grammage, as well as the diameter and length. Being able to elaborate from cocktail croquettes to large croquettes and even spherical format.

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