Croquettes and meatballs machine. Automated Breading and Shaping Machine

Simple programming system for easy start-up and cleaning

High production and home madel finished product!

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Save money and time by obtaining maximum profitability for your business.


Patented System

Specialized in manufacturing automated breading and shaping machines. After 30 years of experience, we proudly present our latest model: CRQ 75N.

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Free size choice

Easily combine by choosing the size and shape, to your taste and choice.

Non Waste

Our patented system allows you to works using any type of dough, without need to clean the machine each time. When swiping flavours, accomplish zero waste in each load.

Suitable to work with any kind of dough

The design of the machine allows working with any type of food mix; no matter you produce really soft or very consistent dough.

Digital Control System and Unit Counter

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Easy to change the measure

You can program the exact grammage, as well as the diameter and length. Being able to elaborate from cocktail croquettes to large croquettes and even spherical format.

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Without a doubt, the smartest investment for improving your business

Design and Technology

30 years designing and applying technology, aiming to improve and make more profitable your business.


An excellent professional team, is at your disposition with the aim of giving you advice about, you business idea. We will support you in order to improve business’s profitability.

Business Idea

Our extensive international experience allows us to advice you, about new business trends that are currently very successful around the world.

Easy Installation

Our priority is to design easy operable appliances for any user: easy to clean, and highly versatile product with a wide range of options tailored to the needs of your business.

After-Sales Service

All our team will be at your disposal for any doubts that you may have, and are always open to suggestions for machine´s design.

Gobla Expansion

Our machinery can be installed anywhere around the world.

Without a doubt, the smartest investment for improving your business.